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NETS Standards

These sites are about the NETS standards for students and teachers. They include information about the standards, assessments, related resources, and applications in classroom activities. Includes lesson plans and examples using a PowerPoint presentation.


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This page provides Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for teachers.
Discover what technology it takes to be a leader in the digital age.
Learn what technology standards your students should be meeting.
Interested in developing your technology skills further? These free professional development resources include: Intel Teach Program, Intel Teach Elements, Intel Math Program and Intel Teachers Engage.
Learn assessment strategies for meeting needs of 21st century students.Resources include: Intel Teach Elements: Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms, Assessing Projects, Designing Effective Projects, and Exploring Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning.
Engage your students in deeper content while developing their 21st century skills of collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
Help your students develop their digital literacy skills, using this resources: Intel Education Help Guide, Help Guide in the School, Technology Literacy, and Digital Literacy Webinar.
This 29 page PDF guide provides trainers with a comprehensive process for introducing participants to the Verizon Thinkfinity Framwork, a philosophy about how to effectively embed a learning object into teaching and to enhance student learning.
This page lists all six categories of the technology foundation standards for students. There is a link to profiles and performance indicators for technology literate students to standards by grade levels.
This handbook provides suggestions, tools, and guidelines for assessing technology in elementary and secondary education. You can access the handbook in html or PDF format. NOTE: This site has a link to forum.
This page shows examples of activities that teachers can prepare for students to do with technology. NOTE: There are some broken links.

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