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Picture Editing

These sites have information for high school students about using digital cameras, how to take good pictures, and using Photoshop. Sites include tutorials, examples, and lesson plans. Includes links to eThemes resources on photography and Movie Maker projects.


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Read about what it takes to become a great photographer on this site which includes advice on composing in the picture frame as well as technical solutions to photographic issues. The site is also available in French, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Korean. NOTE: The site includes ads and other sponsored links. NOTE: The site also solicits donations to support its efforts.
This site includes information on digital photography concepts, terminology, equipment, photo editing, post-processing, printing, techniques, and styles. NOTE: This site includes pop-up ads, other ads, and sponsored links.
This site includes online courses about digital photography. NOTE: The site also includes links to a bookstore which sells the paper versions of the books available on the website.
Learn some of the basic elements through this lesson plan activities. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Click on "Enhancing Images" to learn more about adjusting color levels with this software. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This site includes over 60 tutorials on photo editing using Photoshop on five Web pages. Click on a page number at the bottom of each page to explore more content. NOTE: This site includes banner ads and sponsored links.
These sites have information about the history of photography and the photographic process. Read biographies of famous photographers, browse through a timeline of important events, and learn how cameras and film work. Includes an online simulation that demonstrates the importance of shutter speed and aperture. There are online games and videos, plus many historic and modern photos. Includes instructions for making a pinhole camera, plus information on how to use photography to teach mathematical concepts.
These sites focus on how to integrate technology, specifically digital movies, in the classroom. Ideas, lesson plans, and samples of movie projects are included. An eThemes on Windows 2.1 Movie Maker is included.

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