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Reading Skills: Basics

These websites are for beginning readers. There are many online games, quizzes, activities, and printable worksheets. Basic reading skills such as beginning and ending consonants, blends, vowel sounds, and sight words are covered. There are also online and interactive stories that read aloud as students follow along. Included are several eThemes resources about reading.


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Click on the pencil icon to go to Learning Tips. This page has several activities for encouraging beginning readers. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site features ten interactive poems that you can read, listen to, and print. Each poem features a different vowel sound and has animations and activities. NOTE: The Talk link leads to message boards.
Explore this site to find stories that you can read along with, songs to listen to, interactive games, and printable activity sheets.
Click on "Barely There," "Flutterbyes," or "Trolls" to see the chapters for each book. Pick a chapter and read the story. Once inside a story, click on "Listen" to have the story read to you.
Here are activities that focus on common vowel phenomes. There are online games and printable activity sheets. NOTE: The Talk link leads to message boards.
Click on a book to listen to and read along with an interactive story. Explore the links below for more stories and printable pages. NOTE: The Talk link leads to message boards.
This page has online interactive games, lessons, and animated movie about letters, sounds, and words. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Here is an index of interactive sites for beginning readers. There are games, activities, and online books.
Here are several fun interactive games to help kids with their basic reading skills. There are three levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced.
Here are several sight word quizzes of various levels of difficulty. Students can choose between putting letters in their correct order and multiple choice activities.
Select a vowel sound from the menu to start the game, then use your mouse to guide the dragon to catch the letter combinations that are real words. If a word is not real, fly through the arch to skip it.
Listen to the word, then choose the egg that has the correct word under it. NOTE: The British accent may be confusing for some students.
Here are interactive stories and games for beginning readers featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Click on a theme to create a topsy-turvy tale that you can read along with. Each tale has an accompanying print out activity and reading list.
This site has lots of activities. You can play a word find game with Digby the mole, read a story with Storybear, listen to a rhyme with Foxy Dancer, and more. You can choose activities with sound or without. NOTE: The Talk link leads to a message board.
Choose a word ending from the menu, then select the beginning letters that complete the words.
Listen to each sentence as you read. Then follow the instructions and answer the question.
This game is to designed to help children build their vocabulary. Click on the word that matches the picture.
Help Reggie find the rhyme. Choose a location, then click on the word that rhymes with the picture shown at the top.
Here are several activities for beginning readers that cover parts of speech such as descriptive phrases, identifying questions, characteristics, and more. Each adventure has an interactive game, printable worksheets, and teachers' guide.
These sites have free online stories for children to read. Most stories include illustrations and some feature audio files so you can also listen to the story. There are links to eThemes Resources on Cinderella stories, storytelling, and choose-your-own-adventure stories.
These websites contain reading strategies to help elementary school students become good readers. Some websites simply list strategies and some include activities to help students learn. One website compares good reading with poor reading. Some websites are written for students who are having trouble learning to read.
These sites offer various strategies to improve reading comprehension for students at all grade levels. Includes many online stories and questions to test reading comprehension. There is a reading comprehension inventory and research articles on this topic. Many pages can be printed out and used in the classroom. Some of the tips include KWL charts, story maps, word maps, and story pyramids. There are also links to eThemes Resources on graphic organizers, guided reading, and literature circles.
These sites offer information about guided reading for primary and upper elementary grade levels. Read a case study, plus see how teaching strategies and tips have been implemented in different classrooms. Topics include the Four Blocks teaching method with emphasis on the guided reading and self-selected reading blocks. Also learn how to assign levels to books.
This resource is a compilation of booklist web sites for elementary school students. The lists were compiled by teachers, librarians, and students. Some of the lists are divided by grade level, readability, or genre. There are also links to eThemes resources on various literature awards and literature genres.
These worksheets, activities, and lesson plans are all designed to help students learn about syllables and how to divide them. Some resources are about using syllables to decode words. There is a link to an eTheme on decoding strategies.

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