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Reading Skills: Following Directions

These sites can help teachers develop lesson plans that incorporate the specific skills of following directions. One site has an interactive game for first graders.


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This site has five lesson plans for teachers. NOTE: The site includes ads. NOTE: The site includes links to message boards.
Students participate in an activity called "Have You Ever?" to learn good speaking and listening skills. These skills result in learning how to follow directions effectively.
This activity provides opportunities for students to enter a sequence of commands to help the turtle get to the pond.
Use this site to make nine different kinds of books. Step by step directions are given.
This site provides interactive directional vocabulary and activities using directions to create maps.
Students follow a set of directions to create tangram pieces. Next students create shapes following directions given to them.
After reading Green Eggs and Ham, students follow directions to prepare a yummy treat.
In this activity, students will learn how science is used to solve mysteries and crimes, become familiar with two chemical tests, and draw deductions based upon observations and results of two scientific experiments. Following directions is crucial in a successful outcome.
Learn how to make a map with this lesson plan that includes writing directions for others to follow.
This site for teachers has resources, tips, and strategies for teaching students to follow directions. NOTE: The site includes ads and links to sites with ads.
Read this lesson plan for 3rd through 5th graders. Students follow step-by-step instructions to make clouds.

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