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Safety: Farm Safety and All Terrain Vehicles

These sites provide information on rural safety including aspects of farm and ranch safety as it relates to All Terrain Vehicles. Also included is ATV history, ATV hazards, and ATV safety. Several sites profile ATV accidents and the role of first responders is explained. There are videos and online quizzes.


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This site provides study guides for ATV certification exams for each state that requires such certification. Click on the "Select Your State" link to begin. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
This government website includes videos, presentations, information on ATV safety training, annual data about ATV accidents, and more.
Read this fact sheet from Ohio State University with many important key steps to farm safety.
Learn how to select an ATV, buying safety gear, and how to operate an ATV. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to more related safety issues.
This site has images, public service announcements, information sheets, and press releases.
Take this interactive quiz. The quiz may provoke good discussion. No score is provided for the quiz.
Read this report that discusses a fatal ATV accident, the reason it occured, and how it could have been prevented.
Read this summary of the accident and guidelines to prevent future accidents.
Read about this fatal accident and the part played by drugs and alcohol.

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