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Schools of the Future

What will the school of the future be like? School buildings of the future may look completely different or they may not exist at all. The virtual reality classroom may replace the traditional classroom. Some states already have distance learning for high school students. Is distance learning part of future schools? Included are two links to eThemes resources on schools of the past.


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This six-page PDF file is one authors perspective about possible future trends.
Read the bulleted list of facts regarding "No Child Left Behind."
Read this United States Department of Education progress report on "No Child Left Behind."
Learn what a school in North Carolina is doing with virtual reality.
Which is better, the conventional school or the virtual school?
Read statistics about distance learning and technology in K-12 schools.
This virtual high school offers AP classes, credit recovery work, classes to support at-risk students, and enrichment classes for the gifted and talented.
Go to the menu on the left, "Our Programs." Click on "High School" to view a description of the MU High School. Click on "Middle/Elementary" for grades 3-8.
This site disagrees with the "No Child Left Behind" federal law.
Does virtual reality suit all subjects in the curriculum? This article discusses this topic. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These links are all about schools during the nineteenth century. View photographs of one room schoolhouses, read about a typical school day, and view timelines of the education system in America.
What was it like to go to school in the late 1800's and early 1900's? How big were the schools, how many grades? Investigates clothing, games, songs, and lifestyles. There is one site on frontier culture.

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