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Science: Gears

These sites focus on gears and explain the different types and functions of gears as well as how they operate. Interactive models, experiments, lesson plans, and games are included. There are links to eThemes Resource on simple and advanced simple machines.


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This video demonstrates the use of various gears.
This video demonstrates the use of gears in mechanical clocks.
This activity uses a system of ramps, switches, and gears. The object is to remove as many blocks from the system as possible without breaking it.
This site gives the history of gears and experiments for students using thread spools.
This activity challenges students to design a machine that will catch 50 pieces of grain using 5-6 chains running in a variety of directions.
An interactive game using a machine. Students will need to make a few changes to get the machine to work properly.
Use this interactive activity for an introduction to simple machines. Gears are part of the activity.
This applet allows students to vary the gear ratio of a bike. Students try to capture all five flags on a course.
Tim and Moby learn about different kinds of gears and how they work. Note: This site requires a subscription. A free trial is available.
This site provides information about how different types of gears work and what machines use certain types of gears. Illustrations are included. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides information about gear and clock basics. Interactive activities and vocabulary list are included.
This page has experiments for students to learn more about the mechanism and function of gears and other machines.
Put the missing machine parts into correct positions. Level of difficulty can be chosen. Note: This site has a link leads to message board.
These resources explore the basics of simple machines. Topics include pulleys, wheel and axle, inclined planes, wedges, screws, and levers. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on advanced simple machines.
These sites include interactive models of machines such as levers and pulley systems. Explains basic concepts of physics such as mechanics, force, and motion. Includes sites on the mechanics of sports and Leonardo da Vinci's inventions.

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