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Science: Oceanography

These sites include information on the topography of the ocean floor and life in the ocean. Sea floor spreading, plate tectonics, and underwater volcanic activity are topics found on several of the sites. Many sites have photographs, maps, and videos. Included are two eThemes resource sites for younger grades, one on the geography of the ocean and the other on creatures of the ocean.


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This encyclopedia entry explains the surprising topography of the ocean floor.
The largest ocean has various physical features explained by this encyclopedia entry.
Look at this map of the vents on the Pacific Ocean floor. Click on "Atlantic" to see the map of the Atlantic Ocean.
Navigate by clicking on "Life in the Abyss."
This site has many interesting topics on the ocean: hydrothermal vents, mid ocean ridges, plate tectonics, history of oceanography, and many more. Explore a diving expedition or look at one of their interactive diagrams. There are numerous videos, pictures, and detailed maps. Navigation bar is at the top. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has put together this material.
This site has material written by students. Teachers can download the "Classroom Activites,"a PDF file with worksheets.
Read about this unusual underwater rock formation. Could this environment be like a primitive earth? NOTE: The site includes ads.
This Australian site has these topics: "Monsters of the Deep," "Why Oceans?," "Ocean Links," and "Oceans Alive." NOTE: The site leads to websites with discussion boards. (forums, message boards, etc.)
Click on the "Ring of Fire" map to enlarge it. Keep scrolling down to look at all the diagrams.
Listen or read this interview. David Gergen questions science writer, William Broad, about his book "The Universe Below: Discovering the Secrets of the Deep Sea."
This on line textbook has a map of the major ocean trenches of the world.
Read this 2005 National Geographic news about a submarine crashing into an uncharted underwater mountain. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read about this island in the South Atlantic. This island is actually the remnant of a composite volcano that rises from the ocean floor. There is an interactive map.
These sites are about the oceans of the world. Topics include habitats, tides, currents, temperatures, depths, and more. There are many photos and videos.
Learn more about the hundreds of creatures that live in the oceans and seas. Includes many photos and videos, audio files, and real-time images from Webcams. The animals covered include whales, jellyfish, dolphins, sea turtles, seahorses, and more.

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