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Spanish American War

These sites are about the Spanish American War. Learn about the influence of media on the war. Read letters from the soldiers, view several photographs, movie clips, and timeline and listen to music composed during that time. There are other primary documents from the war such as maps and newspaper articles. Includes lesson plans and a study guide. There is a link to eThemes Resources on U.S. President: Theodore Roosevelt.


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This site provides information about the Spanish American War. Also learn about other aspects of the war such as roles of journalism and music at that time. Interactive timeline, original sheet music, audio files, classroom activities, and a quiz are included.
This site gives a brief story of the sunking of the U.S.S. Maine. There are pictures of the before and after of the sunking of the battleship.
Click either "RealVideo" or "MPEG format" on the left side of the page to view a scene from the "Wreck of the Battleship 'Maine'" from 1898.
Read detailed information about the Spanish American war. Follow links of countries involved in the war to learn about situations during wartime, chronology, places, and map of the countries.
This site compiles some motion pictures of events in the Spanish American. To view a movie clip, select an event of interest and scroll down to the bottom half of the page. Then select a film from a list and choose a movie format (RealMedia Player, MPEG, or Quick Time) to view the movie clip.
Learn how yellow fever caused more soldiers to die than in battle fields.
Learn about the Spanish American war from a perspective of propaganda. You might want to read an overview section before going to the Spanish American War section. Lesson plan is included.
This site provides a bibliography and pictures of some key persons in the Spanish American War.
Read letters of a volunteer, George King, an American soldier who served in the Puerto Rican campaign during the Spanish American war. Includes information about the life of a soldier during the war, the type and extent of training received, and the lean diet and physical hardships of campaigning in Puerto Rico.
Students will learn about different viewpoints (pro-imperialism or anti-imperialism views) regarding the war through debate and discussion.
This lesson plans aims to explore the causes and results of the war through handouts, video tapes, and a webquest. NOTE: There are some broken links under "Link".
This study guides provides a summary, important terms, people, events, timelines, study questions, and a test for The Spanish American War. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn about the life and political career of Theodore Roosevelt. Includes audio and video clips as well as timelines, photographs, quizzes, and biographies. There is a link to an eThemes resource on United States Presidents.

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