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Teaching Tips: Fluency

Teachers can use these sites to help students build fluency with their oral reading skills. Included are eThemes resources on Reader’s Theater, syllables, and phonemic awareness.


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Students listen to and read chorally from Bill Martin Jr. books. Reader's Theater activities are provided.
Use the tale, Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley, to help students build their reading fluency and word recognition skills. Students chorally read the story and point out familiar words. Four activity centers provide follow up and reinforcement.
Students learn important concepts of print, rhyming words, and practice acquiring and using new vocabulary. The outcome of the lesson is a student-created book for class reading.
This site from Auburn University provides a variety of links to assist children become fluent readers.
An explanation of "fluency" and why it is important.
This site provides an explanation of "fluency" and provides information for teachers and parents to assist young readers.
This PDF of a duet reading intervention describes a strategy for improving literacy skills.
This site has sections on "Paired Reading: the Basics" and "Paired Reading: Some Finer Points."
This site has information to help beginning readers.
These sites are about Reader's Theater. Learn how to use reader's theater in the classroom to promote an interest in literature. There are tips on how to adapt stories to scripts. Includes many sample scripts.
These sites have information and tips for teaching phonemic awareness skills and concepts to young students. There are many ideas for activities to help build awareness, and resources for teachers on how to implement teaching strategies in the classroom.
These worksheets, activities, and lesson plans are all designed to help students learn about syllables and how to divide them. Some resources are about using syllables to decode words.

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