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Technology: Audios for Podcasting

These sites combine free audio resources for using in Podcast production. Includes songs by genres, moods, background music, sound effects, and kids’ music in MP3 and midi formats to download.


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This website provides music that is liberally licensed under a Creative Commons license that can be used in podcasts, including: podsafe music; instrumental music for film, YouTube videos and soundtracks; music for iPods, dance party, Cubicle, Drive-time Enjoyment; free music for commercial projects; and for musicians.
This site provides various types of free music clips to download in MP3 format. Includes background music, sound effects, and various created instrumental music. Select music to download from the first 6 lists after "$10,000 Weekly Free Music Give-Away". The lists of free download music are changed regularly. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides professional quality royalty-free music which available in 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, and 120 second clips. Select music that you want to download from menus on the right or type in a keyword in a search box. To download the file, click on a link at MP3 or AAC located at the bottom of a page.
This site provides free MP3 music for kids in alphabetical order to download. NOTE: Some links are not available to listen but are still able to download. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site has varieties of sound effects to download for non-commercial use. To download, follow an instruction in each page. NOTE: This site has many links to external sites. NOTE: This site has a link to discussion board.
These sites offer ideas and examples of using podcasts for an education purpose. Includes podcast programs created by students, podcasting tutorials, and resources. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Technology: Audios for Podcasting.
These sites provide information about audio editing software and tutorials for PC and Mac. Includes information about basic terminologies for audio editing, file format, and a lesson plan. There is a link to eThemes Resources on Audios for Podcasting.

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