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U.S. President: Theodore Roosevelt: Part I

Learn about the 26th American President – Theodore Roosevelt. Discover the president as a son, father, husband, naturalist and conservationist, New Yorker, and a war hero. Learn about his hobbies, outdoor adventures, and his nature conservation policies. Includes audio and video clips, timelines, photographs, quizzes, and biographies. There are links to eThemes topics on the President Theodor Roosevelt’s politics, American and foreign policies, Spanish war, and United States presidents.


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Read a simple biography and timeline of the president's life. Also included are stories about the president's childhood, devotion to nature, and a video clip of him and the "rough riders." Includes photographs and an original documentary video.
Click on the links under "Special Features" to learn more about President Theodore Roosevelt. NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
This timeline of Roosevelt's life includes links to related pages with pictures and videos. Click on "Sound Recordings of TR's voice" for audio files.
Learn about the president's personal life and political career. Select the "Teddy and the Children's Room" link to find out how the president saved a bear and a game of football. Includes trivia, a timeline, quotes, photo gallery, and more.
Find out about Roosevelt's accomplishments as a soldier and a leader of the Rough Riders horseback cavalry. Scroll down the page and select link "On to Part Two" to advance to another page. NOTE: The site includes an online store and ads.
Students can study information on the Rough Riders and the Spanish American War. Click on "Chronology" for a timeline.
After McKinley's assassination in 1901 Theodore Roosevelt succeeded him as president. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read about conservation programs established by Theodore Roosevelt.
Discover Theodore Roosevelt as a naturalist. Find out about young Teedie's collections and the president's conservation policies.
Click on "You Decide: Wilderness and Preservation" to explore one of Roosevelt's environmental policies and what he could have done differently.
Teddy Roosevelt first arrived in the North Dakota badlands in 1883. Students can view photographs of this scenic area. Click on "In Depth Site" for access to more photographs and a "For Kids" section.
Students can read this article about Teddy Roosevelt and his son Kermit who left on a safari immediately after William Howard Taft's election as president. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president and served from 1901 until 1909. Find out about his political views and domestic policies. Learn about the Bull Moose Party and the presidential election campaign of 1912. Includes the presidential inauguration transcript, photographs, audio and video files.
This topic includes web sites on the president Theodor Roosevelt's foreign policies. Find out about the Roosevelt's Corollary, a world tour of the Great White Fleet, and building of the Panama Canal. Includes links to ebooks, photographs and a swf video file.
These sites are about the Spanish American War. Learn about the influence of media on the war. Read letters from the soldiers, view several photographs, movie clips, and timeline and listen to music composed during that time. There are other primary documents from the war such as maps and newspaper articles. Includes lesson plans and a study guide.
These sites have biographies of the presidents of the United States and their wives. Includes information about election trivia, debates, and inaugural addresses, plus some online games.

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