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These websites are about windmills and wind energy. Students can learn about the history of windmills, their construction, and uses such as grinding grain, pumping water, and generating electricity. There are pictures of windmills, animations, videos to watch, and several designs for building model windmills or other simple wind machines. Included are eThemes resources on simple machines and weather instruments.


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This link contains an article about wind power, links for educators, and extension activities.
This site provides an overview and history of energy from wind machines, including illustrations.
This site has information about wind power basics, wind farms, the threat to birds, an animation of a working wind turbine, and a lesson plan on exploring alternative energy sources.
This page contains resources for educators about wind power, including wind energy statistics and a map of the U.S. showing which regions have the most wind production potential.
Read about Vollis Simpson, who began building wind machines for power and then turned them into art on his North Carolina Windmill Farm.
This site contains historical and technical information about the development of wind power, along with photographs and schematic illustrations of windmills. NOTE: The reading level is too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
This site has an overview of wind power and the uses of windmills, from grinding grain, pumping water, or generating electricity. There are also several images.
Here are step-by-step instructions for making a model of a windmill out of wood. NOTE: Making this model requires the use of power tools and adult supervision.
Students can explore the engineering design process by looking at a variety of windmills and constructing their own models in this lesson for grades 3-5. NOTE: The use of multimedia material and printable worksheets on this site is free, but requires registration.
This is an encyclopedia entry about windmills. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are copyright free images of windmills that can be used for classroom projects.
This page has links to suggested activities and books relating to wind. Students can make their own pinwheel, whirlygig, or other motion machine.
This site was created by students in the Netherlands and has information about Dutch windmills and lots of pictures. NOTE: Because of the translation, the language on this site may be difficult for some students to understand.
These resources explore the basics of simple machines. Topics include pulleys, wheel and axle, inclined planes, wedges, screws, and levers. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on advanced simple machines.
Explore these links to learn about various meteorological instruments such as anemometer, thermometer, hydrometer, barometer, and weather balloons. Learn what type of atmospheric conditions each instrument measures. Read about the history and inventors of the weather instruments. Follow instructions and build your own wind and rain gauges, barometer, hydrometer, and other meteorological tools. Includes photographs, activities, flash cards, a word search, and online game.

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