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Writing: Personal Narrative Writing

These sites have tips and examples for writing strong leads for paragraphs and structuring personal narrative writing. Students can learn how to capture and hold their readers’ attention. There are classroom activities, online quizzes and exercises, and ideas to help writers develop their skills. Includes links to eThemes on grammar and interactive writing activities.


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Explore the variety of lesson plans for teaching writing of personal narratives. NOTE: You must create an account (it's free) to access content.
This link provides a page of sites to use for teaching narrative writing. One of the links is a downloadable handout designed for elementary students on crafting strong leads. NOTE: This site contains advertising.
This three-page PDF file offers examples of how to get and keep your reader's attention.
Students click on a recipe card to receive help with their narrative writing. Numerous writing activities are available.
Students can use this interactive to evaluate their personal narrative.
Learn six strategies for helping students master writing good beginnings and endings to their stories.
Explore this non-profit site for writers and teachers for interactive games, quizzes, activities, and ideas for helping people of all ages and abilities with their writing.
Learn about paragraph development and topic sentences and read several examples. NOTE: Reading level is for older students.
Watch this animated movie about strengthening sentences. Includes a quiz and activities. NOTE: Site available by subscription only.
These sites have tips and examples on how to write good paragraphs. Includes graphic organizers to help students write down topic, detail, and concluding sentences. There are classroom activities and online writing exercises.
These sites explain the different types of sentences. Includes examples of interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. Also learn about run-on, compound, and complex sentences. Discover which punctuation ends certain types of sentences. Includes many online games and quizzes.
These sites feature interactive grammar and writing sites that are fun to use with SMARTboards. The online games and quizzes cover topics such as nouns, verbs, sentences, proofreading, capitalization, punctuation, plurals, and more.



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