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Parts of a Book: Nonfiction

This resource provides several informational websites related to parts of a nonfiction book. Includes topics such as glossary, index, table of contents, and key words. There are games, exercises, presentations, and lesson plans. Also includes a link to an eThemes resource on writing nonfiction.


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Learn about the purpose of different parts of a book cover including front cover, back cover, spine, and flaps. Find out what information conveys by the book cover parts. Then create your own interactive book cover. Use the top menu to navigate the site.
Use a left menu to learn about the different parts of a book. Includes illustrations of the book components. NOTE: The site is best viewed by Internet Explorer.
Learn the different components of non-fiction books and take a quiz. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn the words for the different parts of a book and their definition. Click "Back to activity" to play games related to the different parts of a book.
A one-page pdf file is a book cover checklist.
This site contains resources for learning about book parts and how to use the information, such as author, illustrator, title page, table of contents, index, and chapter headings, when reading. Includes lessons and practices.
Here are free PowerPoint presentations available to download. NOTE: This site includes ads.
A five-page pdf file is an exercise for students to learn about parts of the books and their functions.
Use a hint to guess a term of parts of a book.
These sites are about non-fiction (expository) writing. Includes definitions and descriptions of this genre. Examples of nonfiction writing are included from students and professionals. eThemes Resources on graphic organizers, research reports, biographies, and newspaper production are linked.

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