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Animals: Opossums

Learn about the only marsupial living in North America – the Virginia opossum. Find out what the opossum’s name means. Learn about the animal’s habitats, diet, behavior, reproduction, and predators. Read people’s misconceptions regarding the animal and find out why opossum live only up to three years in wild and eight in captivity. Includes photographs, images of tracks, coloring pages, and video files.


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This is a labeled printout of the opossum and includes the animal's physical description, diet, and habits. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn interesting trivia facts about opossum and click on the "Quick Opossum Facts" to read more about the animal.
Here are brief facts about opossum. Find out why these animals are in the great risk from humans and live only one two years of adulthood.
Learn how to recognize opossums tracks on the ground.
Learn facts about opossum and its life. Use links at the bottom to explore the website and click on the "Questions" link to self-test how much you know about the animal.
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about opossums, then use links on the left to read more about opossums. Click on the "Fun for the Joeys" for a coloring page and a word search game. The site includes opossum e-greeting cards and opossum photo page. NOTE: The site includes ads.
View an opossum's skull up close. Use a computer mouse to rotate skulls in different directions.
Here is a picture of an opossum that you can print out and color.
Read about the only marsupial native to North America. Here are facts about the opossum, including a photo and picture of its tracks.
Can you find the opossum? Click on the animals in this virtual forest to learn more about them and their habitat.
What does an opossum look like? Where do they live, what do they eat, and how do they behave? Learn all of this and more on this detailed site.

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