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Maps: Utah Maps

These web sites have maps of Utah. Learn state’s boundaries, counties, state parks, Indian reservations, water resources, and more. Includes geographic, geologic, topographic, and aerial maps as well as photographs, printouts, and quizzes. There is a link to eThemes Resources on Utah regions, biomes, and animal habitats.


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Learn about the state of Utah. Learn state borders, cities, rivers and valleys, state's symbol, motto, and a nickname. Includes a map, quizzes, and printouts. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Explore links on this page to view topographical, boundary, and reference maps of Utah. Includes maps of Utah cities, Indian reservations, national parks, and historical maps.
This is an interactive aerial map of Utah. Click on the map and use tool at the left to manipulate the image.
View maps of the Bryce Canyon National Park.
Here is a PDF map of the Canyonlands National Park.
Here is a PDF map of Dinosaur National Monument. Includes highways and points of interest.
Here is a PDF map of the Hovenweep National Monument area. Includes highways and points of interest.
Select colored regions of Utah on the picture and learn about parks, valleys, wildlife, and recreational activities in the area. Includes tour guides, photographs, and maps. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Learn about Utah regions, its climate, resources, and biomes. Learn about state's native animals, birds, reptiles, fish and their natural habitats. Find out about geological highest and lowest points of the state. The sites include relief maps, print-outs, panoramic photographs, and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resources on Utah's history, geography, mammals, endangered species, and more.

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