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Missouri: Geography and Landforms

These sites are about the different geographical regions and natural resources in Missouri. Learn about the Ozarks, the Ozark border, glaciated plains, Osage plains, and Mississippi lowlands. Includes classroom activities, plus videos from the Missouri Heritage series. There are links to eThemes Resources on Missouri maps, rivers, and regions.


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Lesson plan with the following learning goals: locating, observing and describing world famous landform features using Google Earth; identifying the principal geomorphic processes that produced the landforms located.
Lesson plans for mathematics, literature, and science and activities suitable for use with the Google Earth software. Learn how to use the software and experience a flight from space around the globe. View satellite images of the world including three-dimensional landscapes.
Learn more about this forest located in the Ozark Plateau.
This map allows you to find the most recent information about any county in Missouri.
This video, "The Lay of the Land," is part of the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series. This short video is about the regions of Missouri such as the Ozarks, glaciated plains, Osage plains, the Ozark border, rivers, and the Mississippi lowlands. It also includes information about Elephant Rocks State Park. Requires RealPlayer.
Learn more about the natural areas in your county.
These videos are part of the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series. Unit 18 includes the information on Missouri's resources. NOTE: Requires RealPlayer.
This page provides yearly reports of the mineral industry of Missouri from 1994-2001.
This is a lesson plan with several ideas for teaching students about Missouri's geography.
This site includes information about different geographic areas on the state and includes photographs.
Read this encyclopedia article about the geography of Missouri. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
This eTheme Resource has topographical maps to help students find natural and man-made features. Includes many eThemes resources on maps.
This is a collection of links to various Missouri maps. The types of maps included are county, topography, highways, cities, habitats, and historical. There is also a link to a page where you can build your own customized map of Missouri.
These sites are about the Missouri River and its past and present. See maps and photographs of the river as well as animals found in and around it. Includes information on Lewis and Clark, fur traders, and transportation. Also covers the issues surrounding the river and its endangered status. Some sites regarding the issues are intended for the teachers and may be too difficult for some students.
These sites have information about the different regions in Missouri. Learn more about the history, economy, population statistics, natural resources, state parks, and historical sites in each region. Many links include maps of the regions. There are links to eThemes Resources focusing on each of the 10 regions in Missouri.

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