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Poets and their Poetry

These sites feature authors who write poetry for children. Includes biographies of poets and examples of their work. Learn about Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, Sara Holbrook, Edward Lear, and other poets. Included are eThemes Resources on writing poetry, figurative language, and poems and songs about rivers and ponds.


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A list of Shockwave games that use Seuss characters and poetry to present concentration games, puzzles, and other unique challenges to students. The Shockwave plug-in is required.
This site is basically a search engine of 2196 poems by various authors. Students can find the subject, title, or author of their favorite poems.
This site features a collection of funny poems. You can also read samples from Mr. Nesbitt's downloadable books. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Mr. Ghigna is also known as Father Goose. He has published many books of rhymes and has won many national awards. You can use his site to learn more about his books or to help you write a poem. Click on "Classroom Fun" to read some of his poems.
Janet Wong is a Chinese-American who writes funny and insightful short stories and poems about her family. This story is about "Gong-gong." Can you guess what gong-gong means? You can listen to her read the story by clicking on the audio sample button on
Students can learn about the styles of Jack Prelutsky, Karla Kuskin, and Jean Marzollo. Includes a place to publish student work and view other submissions. There is also a teacher activity guide.
Read about this children's poet and his writing style.
This site has a biography of Shel and resources for teachers.
Each month this poet posts an original poem for student comments. Check out "Kid's Stuff" for the poem and a biography of Sara.
Students can read the short poems of Edward Lear, a poet from the 1800s.
This site contains biographies of Lear, works, pictures, arts, and more. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
Read about this children's poet. There are tips of children about writing poetry, lesson plan ideas for teachers, a biography, and audio clips of some of this author's poems.
Listen to poets reading their own poetry, read their biographies, and search for different kinds of poems just for kids.
These sites provide examples of different forms of poetry written for kids. Includes haiku, acrostic, concrete, limerick, free verse, couplet, and cinquain. Students can read the examples and then create their own original poetry. There are also classroom activities for celebrating National Poetry Month in April. Linked is an eThemes Resource on poets on the Web.
These sites contain poems about autumn, winter, and the seasonal holidays. Learn how simile and figurative language can be used in poetry. Includes worksheets and in class activities. Includes links to eThemes Resources on similes, personification, metaphors, alliteration, idioms, and hyperbole.
These sites are a collection of songs and poems for elementary students. The songs and poems are related to animals living by, habitats in, and activities on rivers and ponds. Lesson plans, samples of songs, and history of river songs are included. There are links to eThemes resources on Habitat: Ponds and Lakes, Poetry: Simile and Figurative Language, Poets and their Poetry, and Writing: Poetry.

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