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Missouri: Products

Learn about the different products produced in and exported by Missouri. Read information on each company’s history, products, and markets. eThemes Resources on Missouri Exports and Imports are included.


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This site gives an overall picture of Missouri's trade including agricultural products, exported goods, and foreign markets.
This site includes information about wine production and research in Missouri. Lists of merchants and wineries of various regions in Missouri are included. Click on the newsletter to read about Missouri' wine markets and marketing strategy.
Read about one of the famous food productions in Missouri. Each year thousands stop by the facility's visitor's center for a smokehouse tour. This site includes company's smoked meats and other products, company history, and tour.
This site is about the largest grower/shipper and marketer of fresh mushrooms in the United States that has the canned and frozen mushroom processes in Missouri. Included company profile, markets, and products.
This site provides information about a syrup company's history and their products in St. Louis. NOTE: This site has a link to discussion board.
Read about all the kinds of honey products made in St. Louis. Company information and honey facts are included.
This site includes the history of the Greenie smart treats company in Kansas City, its products, markets, and product directions.
Read about one of the famous BBQ restaurants in Kansas City. Information on company history, products, and markets are included.
This site provides information about hand-crafted candles made in Kansas City. Learn about candle making and various products made from candle wax. Pictures of candle products are included.
This site provides information about pine straw such as what it is, how it is sold, and where to get pine straw.
Read the company history, products, maps, and timeline of this Mexico, Missouri business. Photos inside the Zenith Aircraft factory and video clips of aircraft models and workshops are included. NOTE: Teachers should visit the site before using in a classroom.
Discover the art of glassblowing at Third Degree Glass Factory in St. Louis. The company is the only public-access glassblowing facility within 400 miles of St. Louis. Click on the webcam to watch glassblowing online.
Read about hand-crafted products in Missouri. Includes pictures of products made from recycled materials and company information.
This site includes information about one of the largest tax preparation companys. Includes information about the founders, an interactive timeline, and services offered.
This site includes information on the largest wholesale baker and distributor of fresh delivered bread and snack cakes in the United States. Information about products, company profile, and locations are included.
This site provides information on root beer history, company business, products, many kinds of soda and field trip. NOTE: This site has a link to discussion board.
These sites have statistics and graphs about Missouri's top exports. Find out which countries receive the most Missouri products. Also includes some general information about imports and Missouri's economy. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on economics.

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