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Industrial Revolution

Learn about the advances made during the Industrial Revolution. Read about some of the inventions that made life easier for workers. Includes some biographies on inventors. There are lesson plans, clip art, and interactive quizzes.


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Learn about Samuel Slater, who helped bring England's Industrial Revolution to America.
Read about Cyrus McCormick, a man who changed the way farmers cut wheat.
This site provides information on the innovations in agriculture, industry, and textiles during the Industrial Revolution.
Click on "Industrial Revolution" and then "Legal Tender Notes" to see what currency looked like during this time.
Read about inventions that were made during the Industrial Revolution.
Try this interactive quiz about the Industrial Revolution.
Scroll through these illustrations relating to the Industrial Revolution. NOTE: Site has advertisements.
Learn how the Industrial Revolution affected women. NOTE: Site has many external links on the "Resources" page that should be double-checked by teachers.
This is an encyclopedia entry that explains the Industrial Revolution. Follow the links at the bottom.

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