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Utah: Habitat: Deserts

Learn about the different types of deserts and find out which two of them you can find in Utah. Read about the animals and plants that can be found in the Mojave and Great Basin desert as well as how they adapt to wastelands’ harsh conditions. There are links to eThemes Resources on related Utah, geography, and desert topics.


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Find out what a desert is like and what animals and plants live their. NOTE: The site leads to websites with ads.
Learn different types of deserts and find out what animals live in Utah deserts.
Learn about the flora and fauna of two deserts in Utah with this three-page PDF file.
Learn about Utah and the plants and animals native to the state.
Here is a list of some native Utah plants. Click on the "Vertebrates" or "Invertebrates" link at the top to access more information. The site includes a search function.
Here is a list of insects and animals accustomed to living in deserts.
This website has photographs of animals, reptiles, and birds that make the desert their home.
These sites are about the different geographical regions and landforms in Utah. Learn about the Uinta Basin, Escalante National Monument, and the "Four Corners" as well as land use history of the Colorado Plateau.
Learn about the climate and general characteristics of desert habitats that are located on several continents. There is information about the Great Basin in Utah, a cold desert. Includes maps and charts.
These sites are about the different animals that live in desert habitats. These creatures can be found in deserts in North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Sites include images, video, and audio.
These sites offer tips on how to survive in the desert. Topics include preparation, supplies, and what to do if you become stranded. Includes information about the Paris-Dakar Rally race that goes through the Sahara Desert.

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