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Utah: Habitat: Forests

Learn about Utah’s forests and where they can be found. See a map of the various habitats in Utah, watch a video about controlled forest fires, and learn which plants and animals live in Utah’s forests. There are links to related eThemes on trees, forests, and Utah animals.


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This four page PDF file includes information about the different types of forests that exist in Utah.
This four page PDF file includes a list of plants and trees that can exist in Utah's forests.
This is the website for Utah's division of forestry. Read about forest health, forest legacy, and how fires affect the forests.
Find out how to identify the trees that can be found in Utah's mountain forests.
This 21 page PDF file includes activities and information about the plants and animals that live in Utah's mountain forests.
Watch a 23 minute video explaining why it is important for experts to set controlled fires in forests.
These sites are about deciduous, coniferous, and taiga forests and their ecosystems. Includes photographs of these forests, plus information about the climate, animals, and plants that are particular to each forest type. Find out where in the world these forests are located. Includes links to eThemes resources on threats to forests, Arbor Day, trees, and habitats.
These sites are about the different species of birds that live in Utah. Includes descriptions and photographs. There is also information about how birds care for their young and how they survive the winter. There are links to eThemes Resources on birds and Missouri birds.
Read descriptions and learn about the behavior and habitats of the mammals that live in Utah. The animals include Rocky Mountain elk, badger, bobcat, black bear, deer, martens, and more. Find out how these mammals adapt, migrate, or hibernate to survive the cold winter months. There are links to many eThemes Resources on mammals, bats, foxes, wolves, Utah endangered species, and more.
Learn how to identify various species of trees from their leaves. Many sites focus on Missouri trees. Also find out why leaves change color in the fall. Includes a leaf cam, online games, handouts, art activities and other lessons relating to trees. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Arbor Day.

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