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Career Cluster: Education and Training

These websites are about the career path of education and training. Find out which careers are in the career cluster. Read about the careers and how you can enter them. There are links to eThemes on career exploration and career interest assessments.


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See this extensive list of information on several career fields including a variety of education-related jobs.
This United States Department of Labor webpage gives an overview of United States careers in education. Includes links to more in-depth information of some careers.
Explore the links to find out about careers in education and training. Some links include short video clips about the careers.
Click on the links to find out about different kinds of teaching careers.
Find out some specifics about teaching careers. Includes working conditions, salary information, and level of education needed.
Read interviews with various teachers about their jobs.
Read about what it is like to be a childcare worker.
Find out what a social worker does and how you can become one.
Read about what a coach does and how you can become a coach.
Find out what a psychologist does and how you can become one.
This site contains information about careers. Students can explore different positions in fields such as medicine, military, architecture, and television. Learn about different jobs, the required skills, training, potential pay, and working conditions. Includes information about making a career plan. An eMINTS WebQuest on careers is linked. There are links to eThemes resources on job hunting and interest assesments.
These sites contain online inventory and interest assessments. These assessments can help to create students' profiles, identify skills, abilities, specific interests, and help to find a right career. There are eThemes resources on career exploration and job hunting.

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