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Career Cluster: Finance

Find out what careers are included in the finance career cluster. Learn about the careers, what kind of training they require, and what the working conditions are for the career cluster. Includes links to eThemes on career exploration, career interest assessments, and personal budgeting.


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Explore the links to find out about careers in finance. Click on the symbols next to the links to see short video clips about the careers.
Explore different areas of finance and find Internet resources, books, and videos on the topic. The main content is nested in the middle of the page. NOTE: This site includes banner ads, other ads, and sponsored links.
Click on "Accountant," "Financial Analyst," or "Loan Officer" to find out about these finance careers.
This website on business careers includes several links to finance careers.
Find out what kinds of careers would be available to you if you get a Certified Public Accountant certificate. Find out what the exam is like and what courses you need to take in high school and college. Some features are only available to site members.
This site includes information about how to become an accountant or auditor. Find out what skills you will need.
This site contains information about careers. Students can explore different positions in fields such as medicine, military, architecture, and television. Learn about different jobs, the required skills, training, potential pay, and working conditions. Includes information about making a career plan. An eMINTS WebQuest on careers is linked. There are links to eThemes resources on job hunting and interest assesments.
These sites contain online inventory and interest assessments. These assessments can help to create students' profiles, identify skills, abilities, specific interests, and help to find a right career. There are eThemes resources on career exploration and job hunting.
These web sites help children understand the value of money, learn about banking, credit cards, and budgeting. Kids learn how to earn and save money, choose a credit card, use checking and savings accounts, and balance personal budgets. Includes worksheets, quizzes, games, online interest inventory, and budget calculators. There are links to eThemes Resources on basic concepts of economics, owning an ice cream shop, and taxes.

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