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Writing: Science Fiction for Upper Grades

These websites are about science fiction reading and writing. Find out the elements of science fiction and other information about the genre. There is a booklist of science ficiton novels and there are several short stories that you can read on the internet.


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This one page PDF file explains the elements of science fiction.
Fill out this chart about what effect technology will have on the future. You can then use the chart to write your own science fiction story.
Learn all about different themes in science fiction on this website. Also includes some "Scifaiku," or science fiction haiku poems.
Read about Ray Bradbury, one of the most famous science fiction writers.
This is an online novel about a young girl who discovers she has a strange new power.
Read this encyclopedia article about science fiction. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
Read about this literary term and how it can be used in literature. NOTE: The website contains broken links.

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