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Missouri: Agriculture

These sites have information about Missouri agriculture. Learn about the common crops grown in the state such as soybeans and corn. See Webcams of corn and soybean fields. There are also links to eThemes Resources on soil and farming today.


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This site provides Agri-facts of Missouri regarding major crops statistics by counties. Choose the county from a drop down list box.
Learn about a state soil and Menfro, a type soil found in Missouri. Scroll down to the bottom to link to the information of Missouri state soil.
This one-page pdf fact sheet tells about Missouri soil, crops, climate, and animals.
Information about how much of each crop was produced in Missouri. Click on the crop name for more specific information.
This Missouri map and text tell about the soil in the different regions of Missouri and if it is good for growing these crops. Scroll down for a table with where in Missouri each item is grown.
This site provides information about regional and state agricultural weather forecast. Follow the link to learn about how the weather affects Missouri agriculture.
Read about the history of corn in the U.S. "The Story of Corn for Students" linked at the bottom has more information on corn for kids. "Farming Today and Tomorrow" tells about modern day farming.
How big is an acre, and how does this compare to other familiar spaces? Here are several math word problems students can solve to better understand this agricultural measurement.
This site has lots of facts about farming in Missouri.
Learn about Missouri agriculture and the impact livestock and crops have on our Missouri economies. It highlights the important connection between livestock and row crops, as well as the relationship between the growing biofuels industry and the state's animal agriculture industry.Follow links on the right to learn about each topic.
These sites have information about various types of soil. Learn about the components of soil such as sand, clay, silt, and humus, and read how soil is formed and why it is useful to us. Includes links to eThemes Resources on erosion, recycling, and earthworms.
This site includes information about farming today. Learn about modern day techniques such as crop rotation, organic farming, and hydroponics. See farm equipment that is used by farmers. An eThemes on Dairy Farming is included.

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