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Teaching Tips: Moodle Best Practices

These sites provide examples of how Moodle has been used in educational settings such as virtual classrooms, professional development, and more. Includes videos, articles, guidelines, and more. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Teaching Tips: Moodle.


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This presentation shares the top tips for Moodle course design.
Learn to use the following Moodle tools: book, lesson, glossary, workshop, and conditional activities.
This site provides links to resource to ensure that your Moodle experience is positive and enhances learning.
This article describes how a teacher uses the Moodle to improve her teaching.
Read these suggested guidelines about Teaching Do's and Don'ts using Moodle. Scroll down to find a link on "Teaching Don'ts."
Read stories about how Moodle has been used to foster social learning across curriculums at a secondary school in Cumbria. Use the links on the right to read the stories.
Watch two video clips demonstrating how Moodle changed a school. NOTE: This site has a discussion forum.
This four-page PDF file is a guideline for creating a Moodle workshop for self- and peer-assessment.
This site creates a virtual classroom based on Backwards Design Model using Moodle.
Scroll down to find some examples of Moodle implementation in different areas.
This is a site from the Open University where you can find many of the best learning contents across subjects. There are hundreds of free study units, each with a discussion forum.
These web resources are about using Moodle, an open source learning management software. There are articles, tutorials, examples, and video segments. Learn how to get started integrating Moodle into the classroom. You can create lesson plans, quizzes, surveys, and more. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Moodle Best Practices.

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