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Animals: Mink

These links are about the mink, a mammal well-know for its fur. Learn about the mink population in North America and Europe. Find out about the animal’s habitats, behavior, diet, propagation, predators, and conservation. Includes photographs, video files, range maps, and coloring pages.


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View this fun photograph of the animal and then click on the link to get more information about the mink.
Find out about the differences in behavior of wild and tamed mink.
Here is a labeled printout of the mink and brief facts about the animal. NOTE: The site includes ads.
More brief information on the mink and a photo. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read about the mink's appearance, diet, propagation, and defense mechanism. View images of the animal's newborns.
Read about the mink's life in Alaska. Discover the unclear relationship between mink and river otters.
This page is good for younger children. Learn about mink and select the "Return to the Mamma's Den!" link at the bottom of the page, to learn more about mammals living in Midwest.
View movies of European mink and select the "Back to Overview" and "More Information" links to learn about this mink species.
This site has two pages with 15 different movies of American mink.
Find out how people support the mink population in the "Conservation" section of the article. Click on the "Photo and More Information" link to learn how mink can serve as environmental indicators.
This website has five pages with concise information on mink's description, distribution, reproduction, ecology, and behavior.
Learn on this webpage about mink's characteristics, range, habitat, diet, life cycle, and behavior. The "Teachers Guide" link provides resources for teachers to discuss wildlife in the classroom. Includes suggested activities, books, and websites for children.

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