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Global Collaborations

These sites are about virtual global collaborations. There are many projects that aim to build cross-cultural and collaboration skills. Includes online pen pals, projects, and communities where students and teachers can get information, share ideas, and find partners for online classroom collaborations. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Videoconferencing and Skype.


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This site promotes global collaboration between schools and has many collaborative projects. Click on "Getting Started" on the left menu to find more information about involvement. Forums also provide information about collaborative ideas and projects as well as network news.
This site focuses on online project-based learning and connecting schools around the world as well as helping teachers find collaborative learning partners and projects.
ePals is a global collaboration that fosters cross-cultural exchange through online projects. The focus areas are biodiversity, black history, elections, geopraphy, and human rights. ePals comes with the tools, email and blogs, that facilitate 72-language translations. Watch the video on the right to get ideas how the ePals works. NOTE: This site contains a banner-ad.
This organization teaches student skills in cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and computer skills through email pen pal programs. The major project of the Global Virtual Classroom is a contest in which schools from around the world collaborate to build websites.
This is an online community for teachers and students interested in global education to share ideas, resources, and information about collaboration.
See this adventure learning project that connected students to explorers and researchers participating in a trans-Arctic dogsled expedition. Includes trail updates, daily audio update, photo journal, weekly Q&A, quiz, expenditure from the past years, and more.
Learn how to start your own collaborative global project, find on-going global projects you can join, and more about globalization.
Find out the benefits of videoconferencing. Learn about different types of videoconferencing, equipment, participating companies, and classroom layouts. Learn how to prepare, plan, set up a room, start and end videoconferencing. Includes images and video files of examples of successful videoconferences, tips for teachers, and in-class projects and activities.
These sites are about the internet technology Skype. Learn what Skype is and how to set it up. Includes ideas and videos demonstrating how Skype is integrated in the classroom.

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