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Missouri: Ice Age Animals

These websites contain information about the large mammals found in Missouri during the last Ice Age, with particular attention to mastodons. Learn how these animals lived, what they ate, and why they likely died out. Includes information about the important historic sites of Kimmswick Bone Bed in Mastodon State Historic Site, and Riverbluff Cave in Greene County. There is also a link to an eThemes resource on mammoths.


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This is the official website of the Mastodon State Historic Site. Learn about the Kimmswick Bone Bed and the important archaeological and paleontological discoveries that have been made there.
Here is information about the American Mastodon, including pictures of their bones and distinctive teeth.
This one-page PDF file is a picture of a mastodon that you can print out and color.
Mammoths and mastodons are sometimes mistaken to be the same animal. This page explains the differences between them.
Listen to this short radio broadcast about Riverbluff Cave, a pristine fossil site discovered in southern Missouri.
Take a virtual tour of the Riverbluff Cave with this video webcast hosted by the cave's lead paleontologist. You can see the cave's formations, fossils, and artifacts.
Read about some of the fossilized animals that have been found in Riverbluff Cave so far. There is a history of the cave, photos, and a link to a Discovery Channel video about the cave.
Find out about the different animals that could be found in the Midwestern United States during the Pleistocene period. Click on an animals name for more information and pictures.
Explore the Pleistocene period in North America on this website. Read about the large animals that lived during the ice age and learn about the climate that they lived in.
Here are links to information printouts of ice age animals, including mastodons, mammoths, or saber toothed cats.
These sites are about mammoths that lived until the end of the Ice Age. Learn about the woolly, Columbian, and the Jefferson's mammoth. There are printable sheets, illustrations, maps, and an animated movie showing mammoths fighting. Includes information about excavating mammoths in Siberia and reasons why scientists believe the animals became extinct.

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