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Missouri Regions: St. Louis

Learn more about Missouri’s St. Louis Region. These sites include information on museums, state parks, historic sites, and other places of interest in the St. Louis area. Watch a video of the first Missouri State Capitol. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the city of St. Louis and European and African settlers.


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Discover what the town of Augusta holds for you. There are a variety of attractions, from bed and breakfasts to "unique and interesting shops." For those interested in history, the site includes a section on "Town History."
Part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly House is home to a wide variety of butterflies. Take a virtual tour of the house, read about the different programs they offer, or look at photos on the photo gallery.
Find out where the first stone weapon made from bones of the extinct American Mastodon was discovered. This important archeological find shows that humans and these animals lived at the same time. NOTE: This site contains advertisements.
Find out where the legislature first met to organize Missouri into a state. Click on the links at the left for more information.
Read about one of the four covered bridges in Missouri. Click on "General Information" to read more.
Learn about the history of mining in Missouri as you explore this site. Click on the links at left to learn more.
This State Historic Site, located in Festus, Missouri, is the burial place of the fifth governor of Missouri -also called the Father of Public Schools.
The Missouri State Parks site has a list of parks and historic sites found in the Saint Louis Region. Click on the numbers to learn more.
While not an actual tourist attraction, this Washington, Missouri, comany is rather interesting. It makes corn cob pipes and is "the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of Corn Cob Smoking Pipes."
Defiance, Missouri, is the place Daniel Boone once called home. View a few pictures of this historic site.
Covers the settlement of Missouri by people of European or African ancestry. Topics include westward migration and immigration. Contains several links to other eThemes on similar topics. Includes videos on early Missouri Spanish explorers, French settlers in Ste. Genevieve, and German immigrants in Hermann.
Discover what the city of St. Louis has to offer. Explore various sites of interest, including the St. Louis Art Museum, the Zoo, the Holocaust Musuem and Learning Center, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, the Arch, and the Muny and Fox theaters. Also learn about the history of the area and the immigrants who first moved there. Watch a Missouri Heritage video on the city's growth. There are links to eThemes Resources on the St. Louis region and the St. Louis World's Fair.

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