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Plants: What do Plants Need to Live?

These sites focus on things plants need to live. There are video clips, animations, experiments, and lesson plans to understand what plants need to live and grow. There are links to eThemes Resources on Plants: Photosynthesis for Elementary School, Plants: Life Cycles, and Plants: Species and Parts.


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Find out what are the seven things that plants need to grow.
Play this interactive game to learn the conditions needed for a plant to grow. A quiz is included. NOTE: The "Talk" leads to a discussion forum.
This lesson plan aims to familiarize students with kinds of things that plants need to grow well. Includes video clips, experiments, and worksheets.
In this lesson, students will do experiments and investigate if plants need water to grow.
This page provides activities for students to test if plants need sunlight.
Plants need air, water, soil, and light. Here is an experiment to see what happens when plants are deprived of one of the things they need.
These sites focus on photosynthesis and plant growth. There are animations that demonstrate the photosynthesis process, and how plants grow as well as activities, games, and songs. eThemes Resources on plant species, carnivorous plants, and plant's life cycles, plant's cells, and teaching with comedy are included.
These sites focus on pollination, germination, and photosynthesis in plants. There are hands-on experiments that demonstrate the characteristics of plants as well as online activities. eThemes Resources on plant species, carnivorous plants, trees, and autumn are included.
These sites have information on different species of plants as well as their parts and functions. Includes eThemes resources on carnivorous plants, plant and animal cells, and the life cycles of plants.

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