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Author Study: Robert Munsch

Find out about children’s author Robert Munsch. Read interviews and biographies to find out what books he has written. Online activities, classroom activities, discussion questions, and lesson plans are included.


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This site provides information including a biography, photos, and works of Robert Munsch. Includes poems he wrote for kids who write him letters, email address where students can contact him, and activities students did after reading his books. Click `Storytime' to hear Robert Munsch tell the stories.
Read Robert Munsch's biography and his booklist. Click `Interview Transcript" to read how he gets his inspiration and ideas for books, personal life, and how he became a writer.
This site has activities for students as well as information for teachers. Includes Munsch's booklist where you can click on a book to get information and pictures about it.
See this website created by a second grade teacher and her class. It includes different projects the students have done such as book reports, letters to Robert Munsch, reader's theatre, and book covers.
Take this quiz to check what you know about Robert Munsch and his work. Answers are included.
This two-page PDF file is a word search game for the book "Paper Bag Princess."
Robert Munsch talks about writing and his stories.(Total Running Time: 2:08) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (forum, message board, etc.)

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