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Literature: Storytelling

These sites have a variety of storytelling techniques. Includes story resources, articles, storytelling history, and integration of storytelling in classrooms.


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This site includes storytelling in classroom, lesson plans and activities, and a story library. Read articles to learn more about different techniques for storytelling. NOTE: This site has a link leads to discussion board.
Learn when to tell a story and when not to. Explore the roles of storytelling from different perspectives such as a scientist, a film maker, and an organization.
This site is appropriate for beginning storytellers. Information on characteristics of a good story, audience, preparation, delivery techniques, and recommended books are included.
Read a six page PDF file about incorporating storytelling with other teaching methods.
The official site of the National Storytelling Network gives information on storytelling and storytelling resources, the National Festival, producing a Tellabration, storytelling links, and more. NOTE: This site is part of a web ring.
Read about concepts for teachers to employ when using storytelling in the classroom. Also includes a list of activities.
This site gives information about telling the tale, voice, sound, and language that should be used.
This site was developed by students and includes information about stories to tell, holding a storytelling Festival, and tips on being a better storyteller and listener.
This guideline for teachers on storytelling includes a definition of the art, reasons to include storytelling in education, and ideas on integrating storytelling with the curriculum. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.
This PBS series on Native American storytellers includes stories from four different storytellers and three different lesson plans about Native American storytelling. Click on "Storytellers" to access the stories and on "For Educators" to access the lesson plans. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This lesson plan includes ideas for teaching about African and African American storytelling traditions. Click on the "African and African American Storytelling" link to view the article on which the lesson is based. The lesson is also available in PDF format. NOTE: This site links to social networking sites.

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