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Digital Yearbooks

These websites are about digital yearbooks. Learn about different software available and how to create a digital yearbook. Included are several types of photography tips and communication skills.


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This site has information about multimedia yearbooks.
This website is for a digital yearbook software that allows you to select from templates and then drag and drop. NOTE: This is a commercial website.
This article tells about a student-created CD yearbook. Read their reflections and opinions about the project.
This website provides information on digital cameras and how to use a camera to take photographs to create a yearbook.
This is a lesson plan for creating an electronic yearbook in PowerPoint.
These sites have information for high school students about using digital cameras, how to take good pictures, using Photoshop, and the basics of Premiere video software. Sites include tutorials, examples, and lesson plans. Includes an eThemes resource on photography and Movie Maker projects.

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