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Teaching Tips: Phonemic Awareness

These sites have information and tips for teaching phonemic awareness skills and concepts to young students. There are many online activities such as games to help build awareness, and resources for teachers on how to implement teaching strategies in the classroom. Included are eThemes resources on basic reading skills, syllables, and decoding strategies.


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This site links to many phonics and phonemic awareness worksheets to help improve memorization of important consonant and vowel sounds. Click on "The Vowel Sound Teacher" to hear common vowel sounds, diagraphs, and dipthongs. The audio files require RealPlayer.
Click on the links to find activities for practicing phonemic awarenes skill such as rhyming, segmentation, and sound isolation.
Here are list of tools for assessing students' phonemic awareness skills. Includes video demonstrations.
This site contains printouts for thirty featured rhymes and seventy-one other take home rhymes taken from classic nursery rhymes to help increase students' phonological awareness, improve vocabularies, and have fun.
Here are activities that focus on common vowel phenomes. There are online games and printable activity sheets. NOTE: The Talk link leads to message boards.
Here are outdoor activities to reinforce students' knowledge of the alphabet. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site has a list of fun ten activities for teaching phonemic awareness and phonic. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site for parents and educators has information on auditory skills, phonics and whole language methods of teaching, strategies for improving basic reading skills, and links to additional literacy resources. NOTE: This site links to sites with discussion forums.
This site uses music to promote Phonemic awareness. A lot of songs and lyrics can be found from here.
Here are many tongue twisters which can be used in phoneme awareness instruction.
Here is a rhyming game that can be played online.
Here is a sound match game. Students need to find items that start with the same sound as the picture and drop them in the box.
This game fosters phonemic awareness. Students need to finish words by looking at the clues and choosing between three possible word parts. This game can help with forming important phonics and spelling patterns.
Here are various sound games to play in order to promote phonemic awareness. "Games to go" is for beginning learners, while "Block challenges" is designed for advanced players.
This site has resources on phoneme as well as other resources on areas of speech.
Learn about decoding strategies for young readers. Find out what decoding strategies are and why they are so important. Also includes teaching tips, handouts for students, and online activities. There is a link to an eThemes resource on sight words.
These websites are for beginning readers. There are many online games, quizzes, activities, and printable worksheets. Basic reading skills such as beginning and ending consonants, blends, vowel sounds, and sight words are covered. There are also online and interactive stories that read aloud as students follow along. Included are several eThemes resources about reading.
These worksheets, activities, and lesson plans are all designed to help students learn about syllables and how to divide them. Some resources are about using syllables to decode words. There is a link to an eThemes on decoding strategies.

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