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Natural Disasters: Floods

These sites explain what floods are and how they occur. View videos and photographs of these natural disasters and learn the effects they have on the land. There are links to eThemes Resources on the 1993 Midwest floods and relief efforts.


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This lesson plan focuses on how human planning helped minimize damage to St. Louis, MO in the Great Flood of 1993.
Explore the links to read real-life accounts of being in a flood, to learn how floods happen, and to read accounts of pet rescues.
Click on "Dealing with the Deluge" to read about different rivers that flood, including the Mississippi River. Click on "The River's Gift" to find out if floods can be beneficial.
This article explains what the term "100-year flood" means and discusses the odds of major floods happening each year. Scroll down for a glossary.
This site has information about floods and includes a map showing weather patterns.
The Cincinnati Enquirer's site features news stories about the Ohio flood that devastated the area. Includes a photo gallery.
Explore this site for videos and a timeline of the Mississippi Delta floods. There is film footage from 1927.
This page shows what happens when porous soil is unable to soak up all the rain.
Read how floodplains are mapped and how satellite images can help. The reading level is for older students.
This child-friendly site has a story about flooding as well as a "Flood Disaster Math" quiz.
Learn more about the 1993 floods in the Midwest. These sites include images of the river before and during the floods, hands-on activities, and a lot of factual information about the damages and costs. There are links to eThemes Resources on floods and the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.
These sites describe natural disasters and various relief efforts. Provides preparation and clean-up tips and how to protect family animals. Includes games and quizzes about natural disasters. eThemes Resources on specific disasters are included.

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