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Rivers: Mississippi River

Learn all about the Mississippi River, its role in Westward expansion, and its importance to Missouri. Sites include maps, photos, an audio file and Webcams.


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Read about the Mississippi River and some of the present-day conservation efforts. Also includes on several pictures of the Mighty Mississippi.
Read about the famous Gateway Arch and its connection with the Westward movement and the Mississippi River. NOTE: Site includes banner ads.
Learn about the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. Follow the links on the right. Includes Mississippi River facts.
Learn about the key role the Mississippi River played in the Civil War. Click on "Summary of Events by State" to find out the river's importance to Missouri's history.
Take a virtual visit to the Mississippi River Museum. Click on "Features and Exhibits" and then "National Rivers Hall of Fame" to read short biographies of people associated with the Mississippi River.
This page offers a print-out map quiz that can be used to test students' geography knowledge of the Mississippi River. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This page by the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center of the United States Geological Survey has an abundant amount of information on the Mississippi River. Use the "Science Programs", "Maps, Tools, Databases", "Products and Publications", and "Outreach and Education" drop-down menus to access various types of resources. Most of the information is at a higher level of reading, however, there are a number of graphs and pictures that may be useful.
This page provides information on the Mississippi River Drainage Basin and why it is important.
View an image of the Mississippi Delta taken from space.
See this list of classroom activities that focus on the Mississippi River. NOTE: This site contains pop-up and banner ads.
See how the first Frenchman explored the Mississippi River. NOTE: Site includes banner ads.
Hear "Ol' Man River," the theme song of the Mississippi River. NOTE: This site contains ads.

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