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Literature Themes: Survival

These sites are about survival during natural disasters and in other dangerous situations. Use the annotated and highly recommended booklists to locate fiction and some nonfiction titles. A variety of titles from newly published to classics are provided. There are links to eTheme resources on other survival literature and natural disasters.


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This teaching unit is designed for middle school students and it includes lesson plans and handouts on the theme of survival.
This site contains a variety of survival and adventure book lists for young adults from libraries throughout the United States. This lists are annotated.
This list from the Cooperative Children's Book Center provides fifty titles of interest to middle and high school students on the topic of "survival".
Use this short story, "Survival" and accompanying vocabulary and discussion questions.
This website includes helpful information about how to react in emergencies. Also includes real life survival stories and questions and activities about two young adult books that deal with survival. NOTE: The website includes links to websites with ads.
Read some tips for writing survival stories. Includes information about general plots, characters, and settings for survival stories. The text may be advanced for some students, but teachers can adapt it for their grade level.
These sites include suggested activities for the book "My Side of the Mountain" and biographies about the author. Also learn about wilderness survival, the Catskill Mountains, and peregrine falcons. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on forest habitats.
These websites are about author Gary Paulsen and his books. Includes biographical information, interviews, lesson plans, activity ideas, and book reviews. There is also a booklist of adventure stories for teens. Many of the websites and lesson plans deal with the common Paulsen theme of survival. There are links to eThemes resources on "Mr. Tucket" by Gary Paulsen and the Iditarod.
These sites offer tips on how to survive in the desert. Topics include preparation, supplies, and what to do if you become stranded. Includes information about the Paris-Dakar Rally race that goes through the Sahara Desert. Includes links to eThemes Resources on desert habitats and desert animals.
These sites are about earthquakes and how they are measured. Topics include plate tectonics, the Richter scale, epicenters, earthquake survival instructions, and more. Read about some of the largest earthquakes in history. There are quizzes, videos, and simulations. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the New Madrid Fault.

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