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Country: Rwanda

These sites are about the country of Rwanda, with special attention paid to the civil war and 1994 genocide of the Tutsi population. Here you will find interviews with individuals who were involved with the events, audio and video files, and primary source documents. There are also general facts about the country and current news. Included are eThemes resources about Africa, and an eThemes resource on the Holocaust.


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This site has severeal facts about Rwanda including information about the economy, government, people, and geography.
This site contains many quick facts about the country of Rwanda such as information about the government, and links to the official media sources. There is also a Rwandan history timeline and an audio file of the National Anthem. This site also contains several audio and video files.
This page contains a brief history of the political conditions in Rwanda leading up to the 1994 genocide, as well as an account of the genocide and a map.
This site has a book-length, detailed report of the Rwandan genocide by the Human Rights Watch. NOTE: This site links to pages with graphic descriptions of violence.
Here are primary source documents of the events surrounding the civil war and genocide in Rwanda.
Starting in 1993, this extremist radio station disseminated hate propaganda and incited the murder of Tutsis and opponents to the regime. Read about the station and the trial of one of its founders on this site.
This site contains a timeline and analysis of the events leading up to and surrounding the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. There are also interviews with officials, diplomats, journalists, and international aid workers about the events, and several video clips. NOTE: This site contains graphic imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers.
This companion website to the PBS report offers historical background and information explaining why the West ignored warnings about the impending Rwandan genocide in 1994 and failed to intervene. The site contains interviews, a chronology, and additional readings.
Mountain gorillas are one of the most rare, endangered species of apes in the world today, found only in parts of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This article is about how these animals are surviving in spite of the political turmoil and war in their part of the world.
These sites are about the history and culture of early Africa. Learn about the different tribes and their lifestyles. Includes timelines, maps, activities, and photographs, plus eThemes Resources on Adinkra Cloths of Africa and East African Culture and Language.
Learn about the geography and culture of Africa and African countries. Includes information on popular national parks and wildlife reserves. eThemes Resources on grassland habitats and East African culture are linked.
These sites are about the Holocaust and the devastating impact that it had on Jewish people and others. Also includes information about Adolf Hitler, concentration camps, crematoriums, and resistance fighters. There are videos of survivors talking about their experiences, plus many photos. Includes links to eThemes Resources on World War II and "The Diary of Anne Frank."

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