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U.S. Government: Executive Branch

Learn about the executive branch of the United States Government. Topics include the American president, the presidential cabinet, executive agencies, and presidential history. Includes audio of radio addresses and virtual tours of the White House. Also has information on Camp David and Air Force One. eThemes Resources on the legislative branch, judicial branch, U.S. Constitution, U.S. Presidents, and elections are linked.


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This site gives a brief description of how the three branches of government relate and operate. It also provides a link to get specific information on the executive branch and the President.
Get a better idea of how we as citizens elect our Presidents and representatives. This site offers a clear and concise description of how the election process works.
Find out information on the President's flying Oval Office. The Web site has a fact sheet, pictures, and the history of Air Force One.
Follow links on the right to take a historical tour of the White House. Learn about the rooms in the white house to find pictures, historical significance, and a description of that particular room.
This Web site is another page that allows you to take a tour of the White House. The site requires Macromedia Flash to view, but allows users to click and view an animated version of the President's home. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Learn about the president's roles and responsibilities.
Take a virtual tour of the President's Oval Office. This site helps provide a look at the President's office.
This fun and interactive game allows students to play the role of a newly inaugurated president. In the game, the new president (you) customizes his/her Oval Office with a number of different decorations. During the game, the user is given facts about the history of the Oval Office, and at the end of the game, the Washington Post critiques your arrangement.
Watch video clips of President Obama's weekly video addresses.
Learn about the executive branch and find out what they can do and cannot do from the Truman Library and Museum.
This is a virtual field trip that helps students learn about the American President. See samples of presidents' handwriting and hear clips of presidents' voices.
An interactive game for students to identify who the president is.
This is a listing of the executive offices and agencies that make up the executive branch of government.
This site sums up the three branches of government, including the executive branch. Follow the link at the bottom to read about checks and balances. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These sites cover the history of the Constitution of the United States. Includes information about the Constitution's signers and the Articles of Confederation, a document that some consider the original constitution. Classroom activity ideas are included. There are links to eThemes Resources on the branches of government and the Bill of Rights.
In this eThemes Resource, learn about the role of the Supreme Court and the judicial branch of government. Includes information on the justices, explanations of court proceedings, summaries of landmark cases, and a Webquest.
In this eThemes Resource, learn all about the U.S. Congress and how it operates. Other topics include how laws are made, how to write a bill, and how to contact your elected official. Includes an interactive virtual tour of the U.S. Capitol.
These sites for younger students explain how primaries, caucuses, and general elections work. Find out the reason why people vote and learn how a single vote can make a difference. There are links to eThemes Resources on the executive branch, U.S. presidents, and citizenship.
Here you will find sites about the presidents of the United States. Includes biographies of these men and their wives. There is also information on election trivia, debates, and inaugural speeches. There are also online games. An eThemes Resource on the executive branch is linked.

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