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Careers: Exploration

This site contains information about careers. Students can explore different positions in fields such as medicine, military, architecture, and television. Learn about different jobs, the required skills, training, potential pay, and working conditions. Includes information about making a career plan. There are links to eThemes resources on job hunting and interest assessments.


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Learn about careers in engineering and architecture. Scroll to the bottom for more links in this PBS series.
Learn what oceanography is and what an oceanographer does.
Here is a fun site for students to explore and learn about park rangers, wardens, biologists, hydrogeologists, and park naturalists.
Discover what a microbiologist does and how you can become one.
Explore various animal careers, find schools, and read tips for getting started.
This site presents career exploration for elementary students based on their favorite school subjects.
Learn about the different career training available through the Navy. Includes a chat room where during indicated hours students can online ask questions qualified NAVY personal. NOTE: The site has a link to a message board.
Students can learn about careers in many fields such as sales, farming, production, etc. Click on an area on the right for specific positions within an area. Includes a description of the work conditions and the nature of the work.
Middle and high school students can complete this career plan after analyzing their skills and interests. NOTE: "Other Internet Resources" includes several links to job searching sites.
These sites have information about how to apply for a job. There are tips on how to find a job and fill out an application. Includes sample interview questions, videos of people talking about their careers, and a list of job openings.
These sites contain interests and inventory online assessments. These assessments can help to create students' profiles, identify skills, abilities, specific interests, and help to find a right career.

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