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Postage Stamps

These sites focus on the U.S. postage stamp history, production, and prices. Includes many images of postage stamps from the U.S., around the world, and throughout history. Also includes video clips and stamp images.


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Biographies of influential black Americans who have been featured on postage stamps.
How do stamp collectors start? Find out the answer to this and other frequently asked questions about stamp collecting on the USPS website. Note: This site has links to external websites.
From the American Philatelic Society Kids' Page. Explore the site for more stamp history and information about stamp collecting.
The American Philatelic Society has lots of browsable listings of stamps for sale. Look at stamps from different countries and from throughout history.
This site is designed for kids. Learn about history of stamps, reading stamp catalogs, fun facts, and more. Includes activity pages.
This site provides information on how to collect stamps for beginners. Includes conditions of stamps, trading, sample of stamps from different countries, and games.
Here is a club for young collectors. Includes information on stamp competitions and related news. You can also information about stamp collecting and how to start in Cafe section.
Watch a video clip of postage stamps making process.
Learn why postage stamps were invented from a cartoon animation.
This video tells the surprising story of the journey of stamps from an idea, to art, to issued stamp.

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