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Science: Layers of the Earth

These sites contain information about the layers of the earth. Also includes animated graphics, interactive, audio, games and quizzes about earth’s layers. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Rocks and Minerals, Earth’s Spheres, and Geology.


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This is a student-created site about the rocks and minerals that make up the earth's surface and layers. Includes information about the uses of these various rocks.
After entering Geo-Globe, scroll down to Geo-Layers and click on "layers". This interactive matching game shows the layers of the earth and layers of the atmosphere. NOTE: The site leads to websites with pop-up ads.
This site has illustrations of the earth's layers. Click on "Historical Perspectives" for a description of plate tectonics. Text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is background information for teachers.
PBS animation of the earth's layers. Scroll down and click on "Continue" to view the animation.
Watch a movie from Tim and Moby explaining about the structure of earth and what the earth is made from. Includes a quiz, an experiment, and activities at the bottom of a page. NOTE: Subscription is required.
Roll a mouse over the globe to learn about layers of earth. There are also games and activities related to the earth's structure at the bottom of a page.
Read about the theory to explain the Hawaiian Islands. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is background information for teachers.
Learn about different layers of the earth and components of each layer. There are diagrams and printouts for labeling. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn what the earth is made up of and properties of each layer. Click on buttons for interactive illustration.
These sites describe various rocks and minerals. Includes hands-on activities, online games, many photographs, and two animated movies. Learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and some of the more common minerals. There are links to eThemes Resources on fossils and erosion.
Learn about the four main spheres of the Earth: lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. Find out how the Earth has changed since the Pangea times and learn about colliding continents, land masses, formation and destruction of lakes, rivers, mountains, and volcanoes. Learn how scientists use Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite sonograms and ground-probing radars to learn more about the Earth. Includes simulations, animations, videos, games, quizzes, and in-class activities. Also includes eThemes resources on the Earth's atmosphere, water cycle, and ecosystems.
These sites are about geology. Learn about the structure of the earth, rock cycle, soil formation, earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, cave formations, sea floor spreading, and more. There are animations, quizzes, photographs, experiments, and models. There are links to eThemes Resources on Layers of the Earth, Continental Drift, Rocks and Minerals, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Science Experiments: Earth Science.

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