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Animals: Bats

These sites are about bats and their habitats. Covers information on myths, mammals, megabats, microbats, and echolocation. Includes links to eThemes Resources on mammals and caves.


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Use this site with students to learn about the many varieties of bats living throughout the world. Photographs,video clips, and factual information is given about each type of bat.
Simple essays with color photos tell you how the bats of Missouri live and the dangers they are facing.
Why are bats scary? This site explains all about bats and why we shouldn't be afraid of them.
An organization devoted to bats that has lots of information about bat protection and research projects.
Learn everything you want to know and more on this student-created site. Information about many different aspects of bats. Includes lots of illustrations.
Here are online plans and recommendations for building and mounting a small house for bats.
This has a photo of bats in a cave, an illustration of the anatomy of a bat, and a suggested classroom game.
Read about an explorer's adventure going into a cave filled with bats. Includes a few photos.
Listings and maps to caves in Missouri. Includes information about cave formations and archaeology.
These sites tell about mammals and the characteristics that make them mammals. There are sites describing how bats are mammals and a bat webcam. There are many pictures and a few animal games.

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