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Literature: "Frindle" by Andrew Clements

These sites have activities relating to the book “Frindle.” There are biographies and interviews with author Andrew Clements. Other topics include the history of the pen, writing instruments, the dictionary, and the dictionary editorial process. Try the interactive word games, the online dictionary, and language tools.


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A biography of Webster and historical notes about the impact of his American Dictionary on the English language. Note: The site includes ads.
Create a unique dictionary that contains words you invent and their definitions.
Historical background of the most respected English dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary.
Encyclopedia entry for dictionary. This lengthy article has six different sections that discuss the history of the English dictionary, the dictionary in America, and more.
A short article about the writing instrument and its history.
Learn about some of Clements' other books and where he finds his inspiration.
Story-based questions for provoking thought and discussion among students.
Teacher-designed quiz based on the book Frindle.
Interactive word games like crosswords and boggle, and puzzle solving tools. Check out the Scrabble helper.
Interactive mad-lib stories. Fill in the blanks with your own words to complete the story.
On this website about the book author Andrew Clements answers some frequently asked questions about his book.
This lesson plan includes activities for before reading and after reading the book.

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