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These sites are about various myths from different countries and cultures, emphasizing Greek myths and constellations. Includes links to sites with pictures and a museum tour.


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This is an animated site about Greek gods and heroes. Also includes an encyclopedia of Greek mythology and today's relevancy of the Greek myths.
Here are three sets of fun fact Greek mythology quizzes. Click on Fun Fact Quiz 1.0 and 2.0 at the bottom of the page for more sets of questions.
This site has descriptions and graphics of various parts of Egyptian mythology including mummification, symbol list, the gods and goddess, and many more.
Click on Myth of the Month or Mythman's Homework Help to learn more about Major Olympians, gods, heroes, and beasts.
Through these pages, find out about the gods and goddesses of different cultures around the world, and the works of art people have created to give them expression. The information focuses on the myths that explain astronomy. There is also the mythology hangman game a
Choose the constellation about which you wish information.
Classic Greek myths and Native American tales that are bases on star constellations for each of the months. Just select the month from the drop down menu and click on GO to read about these stories.
This site has a section of A to Z brief stories in Greek Mythology and a games section.
This site contains stories behind the stars, Greek mythology of the zodiacs, your astrological profile, and the constellations.
A list and brief description of gods, goddess, and heroes of Greek and Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. Just click on your choice of mythology.
An exhaustive guide to mythology and legend around the world.
A 2001 Thinkquest Junior winner, this site was designed by middle school students. It contains a lot of information about titans, gods and goddesses, legends, space mythology. Also includes interactive games.
This page has links to many Indian mythical stories with color illustrations. Choose a story and follow the link.
Answer questions on this page and find hidden names of Greek gods in the word search. There is a link to the Answers at the bottom of the page.
Read a description of gods or goddesses and guess their names.
Click on the Story link to see how ancient Egyptians pictured the world. Click on Explore to learn about Egyptian gods and select the Challenge link to play a game and walk through a museum.
Answer five online questions from Greek mythology and see your result.
This site features contemporary drawings based on Greek, Celtic, Chinese, Russian, and many other mythologies. NOTE: This site contains pop-up ads.
Watch a movie about the Greek Gods, and then take the pop quiz. There is also a timeline, comic, and an activity. NOTE: The web site is available by subscription only
These sites have information about the people, architecture, government, and daily life in ancient Greece. View images of Greek ruins, learn the Greek alphabet, and read about the famous city of Athens. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on mythology.
View many illustrations of constellations. Learn how they were named and other historical information. Find out what phases the stars go through. Also learn about associated Roman and Greek mythology. Includes quizzes and a movie.

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