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Physics: Potential and Kinetic Energy

Learn about the different types of potential energy. Discover how potential energy transforms into kinetic energy while conserving the total amount of energy. Find out how to measure and calculate these types of energy. Includes animations, potential energy online calculator, lesson plan, in class activities, quizzes, and experiments. There are links to eThemes resources on roller coaster designs and forms of energy.


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Follow links on this page to learn how gravitational potential energy (GPE) responds to friction, how it is converted into kinetic energy (KE) and elastic potential energy (EPE). Gain knowledge of the Law of Conservation of Energy. All examples are illustrated with animations.
View animated movie to learn about potential energy and how position and condition of an object is related to the energy. Click on the "Bob, the Ex-Lab Rat" icon for a fun experiment with a rubber band. Find a crossword under the "Activity Page" and do not forget to view the "Timeline" and comic strips. NOTE: The web site is available by subscription only.
Learn from this movie how potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. Find out how mass and speed of an object related to kinetic energy. Explore icons on the page for activities, comics, and an experiment. NOTE: The web site is available by subscription only.
These in class activities can help children understand the relationship between the height of a drop, mass of different objects, and how these factors affect the objects' potential energy.
Learn about gravitational potential energy, work, and gravity. Find out about collaboration of these types of energy and force. Includes formulas and visual materials.
This page has an animation, formula, and explanation what kinetic energy is.
During this activity children can work in groups to weight objects, record data in tables, and conduct three experimental trials to understand the concepts of kinetic energy and work.
This lesson plan is designed to help kids understand and visualize the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. It includes formulas and explanation how the conservation of energy works. Scroll down the page for an online experiment.
Use this online generator to calculate potential energy of objects with different masses and heights of a drop.
Learn how potential and kinetic energy work during roller coaster rides.
These sites have information, pictures, and videos about roller coasters. Design your own roller coaster online or follow the hands-on instructions to make one in the classroom. Learn how physics concepts such as potential energy, kinetic energy, and inertia apply to these rides.
Learn about different forms of energy, renewable and nonrenewable energy. Includes definitions, videos, online games, and quizzes. Also read tips on how to conserve energy.

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