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Natural Disasters: Relief Efforts

A collection of sites describing natural disasters and various relief efforts. Provides preparation and clean-up tips and how to protect family animals. Includes videos, games, and quizzes about natural disasters. eThemes Resources on specific disasters are included.


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This printable PDF booklet by FEMA offers tips and instructions for making sure there is access to safe food and water after a disaster.
Here are tips for parents and teachers who have children or students that have been affected by a natural disaster. Includes a booklist of books dealing with children in natural disasters.
This site provides preparedness and response for various types of natural disasters. Includes topics on staying safe from diseases, clean up after disasters, power outages, protecting pets, and more.
This is a collection of checklists by the Red Cross to help citizens plan for a possible disaster. Different lists are available for fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, heat wave and others. They include what to do before, during and after the emergency.
Here are resources for teachers to teach about disaster preparedness in a classroom. Includes lesson plans and activities.
Contains 14 sites that explain how natural disasters such as volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes develop. Also contains news and history of disasters. Most sites are graphic-heavy and somewhat interactive.
These sites tell about the predictions, safety, causes, and the history of earthquakes. Includes quizzes, animation, and simulations.
Information and facts about volcanoes in general, volcanoes throughout history, and the construction of volcano models. Many sites include interaction and video.
Weather-related sites focusing on thunderstorms and lightning. Sites contain explanations, photographs, video, and graphics.
These sites are about avalanches and blizzards and how they form. Also includes information about winter storms and snow. Learn about rescue dogs used in avalanches. There are photographs and videos of these natural disasters.
These sites contain information about tsunamis and what causes them. See photos and video of their destructive power when they reach land. Includes color sheets to print out and an online picture book.
These sites are all about hurricanes. Watch videos on how they form and their strength. See weather maps and learn how to prepare for a hurricane.
These sites contain basic information about tornadoes with illustrations, photographs, and many dramatic videos. Also includes safety procedures to follow during tornado watches and warnings. See U.S. maps that locate high-risk tornado areas and browse through tables of statistics. Try the hands-on activities.

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